Thursday, April 4, 2019

Recap: Ready or Not, Baby Kade is on His Way

With only two weeks until her due date, Tori has been having a lot of contractions and Kelly is on baby alert.
Gil takes the boys up to Brimstone Recreation to enjoy a boys trip. They took Judson, Jeb, Carson and Bradley along on the trip. Everyone is concerned when Nathan is going to flip a four-wheeler like he has done in the past. Zach reveals that his father decided to do a safety meeting to show people what to do and what not to do. His dad wants them to drive like you have manners. At the end of the day, the only person that flips is Gil while driving Judson and Jeb. The boys make sure that they are okay and they are.
The youngest boys are eager to rat on Gil to their mother and before they get a chance. Kelly calls to informed them that she is in Nashville with Tori who thinks that she is in labor.
The boys go skeet shooting and head back to the cabin which the girls had ended up decorating and drop off cheesecake for Zach’s 30th birthday. One of the presents is a smart watch which he loves.
Tori arrives at the hospital and is hoping to progress so she can move to the delivery room. Her water breaks so they transfer her. She ends up getting an epidural.
Gil and Lawson get in the car to head to Nashville but first they need to get Carlin, Everly and Erin. They are happy which Nathan says that they are the three most dramatic children.
Gil describes that they were having a wonderful time. Lawson is on the phone with his sister and tells her to put on peaceful music and just breathe deep.

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