Tuesday, April 9, 2019

All about Kade: Five months old

We can't believe that Kade is five months old today. We know that you all are waiting for his birth episode to air on Bringing Up Bates and it's about to this week! 

We posted a new photo of Kade and his parents last month so be sure to click here to see it. 

We are sorry that we missed his fourth month old update but there was not very much different from his third month update

This past month, his family moved back closer to the Bates family and are adjusting to that move right now.


  1. Babies grow up so fast. Keep making fond memories Is Kelton dad dating....my sister has an amazing heart?

  2. thanks for keeping us updated! i think kade looks a lot like tori in this picture. he's such a cutie


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