Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Adorable Grandchildren

We have a new picture of the grandchildren. During the weekend, John and Alyssa brought Allie Jane and Lexi Mae up for a visit. Brandon and Michaella were also up for a visit. Both Michaella and Alyssa were in a wedding for a family friend. Let us know if you want to see those pictures.

Today we are sharing a new photo of the grandbabies. It's hard to believe that Bradley, Allie and Carson are two years old. Kaci Lynn will be turning one in a few weeks. Brooklyn will turn one in August. Lexi is about to celebrate her 5th month milestone. 

Special thanks to Taryn Yager for taking this amazing photo. 


  1. Yes, please more!! They are absolutely adorable!!

  2. Yes, would LOVE to see more of the pictures from the wedding...the bridesmaids dresses looked so pretty from what I could tell!!


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