Friday, December 9, 2016

Season 5 press release!

This morning, The network revealed what the season will hold for the family. As many of us know that, John and Alyssa will reveal their pregnancy to the family during this season. Zach and Whitney are adjusting to life with two children. Chad and Erin are also adjusting to two children and a new puppy. Lawson works on his concert tour. Tori and Bobby grow in their relationship. Carlin and Josie head to college. Trace works on his dream of working at the Dixie Stampede. Gil and Kelly work on building their church. 



  1. I am SO looking forward to seeing more of Tori & Bobby this coming season!! I miss the days when the family blogged about new courtships. There were a ton of blog posts for Erin, Zach, Alyssa, and Michael's respective courtships. And even more posts for their engagements and weddings (except for Michaella). I love the show, but I do miss the blog...

  2. Thank you for EVERYTHING you do...My family and I love watching your show. Your family is A true inspiration to everyone that family can overcome anything as long as they stay together thank you again

  3. I would just LOVE it if the new season showed or talked about Michaela and Brandon! I LOVE them!@


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