Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Facts about John

On John's birthday, Gil and Kelly posted this special message about their son-in-law and here it is:  

To say that I've been overly blessed in the in-law department is an understatement!!! John's personality reminds me of a giant teddy bear! He's thoughtful, tender hearted, playful. Even so, he's no push over - he can beat anyone I know at any sport... and, of course, my boys would love to show off muscles that big! John's humble; he's even tempered. He's diligent and smart. He loves the Lord and loves people! He's just your all around good guy! Couldn't imagine not having you in our family, John! Thank you for loving us, being patient and forgiving, goofing around with us, and always taking time to fit us in the schedule!

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