Friday, October 14, 2016

Recap: Muddy Buddies

The family heads to Ride Royal Blue ATV park for having fun in the mud. It's one of Jackson's favorite things about Tennessee. Kelly recently learned about what muddling is.

They gear up and hit the trail which is gravel at first and then turns into mud.  Lawson reveals that the four-seater RZR had the most screams. Tori was driving with Kelly and Jeb.

Everyone in the family says that Nathan has the biggest daredevil in the family. He starts doing tricks and flips the four-wheeler but lucky he jumped off it in time. Kelly knows that her son has done that before.

Judson thinks that his brother almost got himself killed. Gil decides to give his daughter, Josie, a driving lesson in RZR. He reveals that many of the kids drove up driving on tractors and the van.
Tori and Kelly go in for a crazy ride but they enjoy each minute of it. The family is cover in mud but have a blast. The laundry room will have a busy event after this muddy experience. Gil thinks that it will be best to pressure wash the kids.

Brandon and Michaella come to visit the newest member of the family, Kaci Lynn. Zach reveals that ever since Michaella was around five years old, she has been great with kids. He says that it is a special moment to show off his daughter.

Kelly says looking back at parenting is watching the kids interact with each other and it's a picture prefect moment that you will have in your scrapbook.

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