Thursday, October 27, 2016

Recap: Baby makes five?

With Brooklyn's due date getting closer, Erin is starting to get worried because of everything that has happen with her miscarriages and Carson's arrival. Kelly is worried about her daughter because is not eating or sleeping good.

Back in May 2015, Erin's delivery with Carson was very painful, so Erin wants to make sure that she gets the epidural this time. Tori doesn't think that her sister will have anymore kids if she doesn't get the epidural.

Every week, the small family Skype with Nana and the family. They headed to Beech Creek studio to work on her lullaby CD which has been released today.

Back before Erin married Chad, her cooking skills were nonexistent but she has become to be a wonderful chef. Chad and Erin are thinking about getting a dog for their family. Erin sat down with her mom to look at puppies. Erin decides that she want to get a puppy. Erin finds the puppy that she likes and her mother goes with her. She ends up buying the puppy and her husband is surprised. The puppy is covered in fleas and is super cute.

Kelly and her daughters head to get a gift basket for their sister. Kelly surprises her husband by telling him that she told the girls not to worried about but is happy that they did that for Erin.

With Erin's due date right around the corner, Kelly and Erin take  the kids to the zoo. Erin is happy to see a gorilla pregnant. Kelly gets everyone slushies due to the weather. Lawson knows the difference between when mom or dad are running the trip. Kelly goes and gets things for them while Gil brings a jug of water.

The night before Brooklyn's arrival, Erin has some contractions. She loads up and heads to the hospital. The hospital only lets, Chad, Kelly, Chad's mom, Katie and Tori to be in the room. Katie tapes the birth due to the fact the crew is not allowed in the hospital room. Erin gets her epidural and the birth goes smoother.  Everyone is emotional with her arrival. Carson is finally able to meet his sister.

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