Friday, May 6, 2016

Recap: Bates Mother’s day special

Gil and Kelly are tasked with describing each of their 19 kids and here is what they have describe for each one.
Zach has a teacher, researcher and studlier personality. Michaella has a heart of gold. Erin is very organize and likes to keep things neat and perfected. Lawson is the one that is in charge of everyone’s safety.
Nathan is everyone’s best friend. Alyssa likes to be on a schedule which helps keep the family running. Tori is a ball of energy. Trace likes to compete against everyone else. Carlin is very expressive and dynamic.
Josie is very quiet and caring. Katie is spunky. Jackson always has something on his mind. Warden is hyper and energetic. Isaiah has a tender heart. Addallee thinks of others before herself. Ellie loves to smile.
Callie is a little Miss sassy and thinks that she is the boss and says so. Jackson is cuddly and loving. Jeb has a lot of energy. Judson is the baby of the family even though he is the 18th child of the family.
Kelly reveals that she and Gil try to become their kids best friend. Kelly reveals that she loves spending time with the kids one on one.
Lawson reveals that the relationship between everyone in their family is very important.
Michaella reveals that Gil and Kelly have tried to make sure that the kids are their 1st.
Kelly actually went to school for human services and special education. She says that her schooling has helped in her homecoming.
Kelly looks back about the new changes since they found out the grandbabies.
Kelly also revealed that she hates seeing the kids in pain. She doesn’t like heights. She also revealed that Isaiah had fell several stories and is okay.
They have enjoyed the transition from being mom and dad to grandma and grandpa but are sad that they won’t be having any more children.
Make sure that you tune in on Tuesday for another Preview Tuesday. We have less than four weeks until the new season of bringing up bates!

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