Sunday, May 22, 2016

Foundation Routine!

Erin sat down to share how she does her make up!


  1. This video has so much taught me how to apply foundation the proper way without looking actually made up. Such a natural gleam! Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to you video on how to apply eyeliner, shadow, etc. I am so grateful you took time to share this us!

  2. I so enjoyed your makeup tutorial Erin! Even at my age (64h I can learn a few tips! Thanks for sharing!! Oh and by the way, you are beautiful inside and out, with makeup or no makeup!

  3. Hi im trying to get back on to makeup im 47 now. Raising a 12 year old daughter one problem is eye shadow will see. I love to meet you and your family. I don't hardly have friends not even best friends. I have very small family. 3 of us together well tell your parents that you all wonderful people God bless you


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