Thursday, September 3, 2015

Recap: Hello Dollywood

Lawson and the family are invited to sing at Dollywood's bluegrass festival. Brandon has decided to fly in from Chicago to go see Michaella. John and Alyssa surprised the family from coming up from Florida for a short vacation. Chad's family, Tammy, Abby and Johnny had came along.
Lawson wants to make sure that the family takes it serious but they only practiced the songs twice. The family are heading to Pigeon Forge to see Nathan. They are surprised to see John and Alyssa and even baby Allie. Everyone wants to hold Allie Jane. Alyssa gets to hold her newest nephew, Carson.
Gil can't believe that they have grand babies at three different stages because of the fact that Bradley was born in October, Allie was born in April and Carson was born in May.
The family goes to view the cabin and are amazed to see how big it is. They all say that it's a palace up in the mountains.
Kelly gives a family meeting to lay down some rules due to how high it is. When Isaiah was little, Gil and Kelly had a scared because Isaiah was leaning against the railing and fell several stories.
The kids can't wait to go up the elevator however Kelly reveals that the family broke it after a few hours but Gil reveals that they did not break it, it stopped working after a few hours.
The family is heading to watch the Dixie Stampeded and after the show is done, they head backstage to meet the Trick Rider. Trace manages to get the trick rider to teach him a few new skills.
The next day, the family is heading to the theme park. Callie freaks out during her first ride and tries to climb out of the ride while moving.
Kelly has a fear of heights and haven't been on a roller coaster in a few years. Gil manages to convince his wife to join him on the Wild Eagle and her reaction is like Callie's however doesn't try to get out of the ride while it's moving.
Lawson gets nervous when they see the size of the crowd and calls for a last minute practice. The rain storm comes through right before the family are schedule to go on. The crowd returns and the family does really good.
Carlin introduces the new song Pork Rinds and jokes why he doesn't have a girl. Kelly reveals that it is one of the most fun trips that they have ever taken.

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