Friday, September 4, 2015

Chad and Erin talk about baby #2

Erin talks about her desire to give Carson a baby brother or baby sister so Carson can have someone to play with.
Chad and Erin with Carson

Erin (smiling): "Every time I see Carson, I'm like, 'He needs a brother.'"
Chad (jokingly, while cuddling his son): "You know you've gotta picture him in a little room, all by himself, sitting there with blocks and just looking at the blocks."
Erin (playfully): "Oh honey, stop."
Chad (laughing): Nobody to fight with, nobody to steal his blocks. You know, he's gotta have somebody.
Erin (very serious): "He's so cute, but, before we have any other baby, we've gotta sleep, just a little bit. We've gotta learn how to be parents. It's a little harder than I thought." 

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