Thursday, August 6, 2020

Recap: Beauty and the Business

In case if you missed the pregnancy announcement that John and Alyssa shared today be sure to click here.

Gil is doing exercies and stretches in hoping to get his range of motion back after the shoulder surgery. He wants to be able to use his chainsaw and play basketball with the boys. Trace says that one handed pushup days are over for Gil. Michaella says that her father has always been quite good but she thinks that he will try again.

Josie and her friend Grace are doing a trail run for hair and makeup for a bride that is getting married in June. Kelton says that he is pretty proud of his wife for doing what she loves and enjoys. Kelton is working on growing his new plumbing business. Kelton revealed that he learned at the age of 12 by his uncle and now is helping Bobby learn the trade. Bobby reveals that his skills are about squat.

Now it's time to celebrate Jackson and Addallee's birthdays, the family is planning to go skydiving and the idea was Jackson. Addallee is terrified of doing it but ends up having a fun time. Jackson shares his future plans during lunch. He reveals that he is planning to attend ALERT and join Marine Corps. The family showers the birthday duo with praises.

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