Sunday, August 9, 2020

First triple birthday?

For those that don't know,  John and Alyssa are expecting their fourth child due on February 17th.  February 17th also marks Jackson and Addallee's birthdays.
Alyssa also revealed that all of her children have been due at the beginning of the year.

Coming Soon! 💝💙
Fun fact.... our kids birthdays will now be in JANUARY (Lexi), FEBRUARY (baby #4), MARCH (Zoey), and APRIL (Allie). Don’t know that we could have planned that one if we tried 😂

John and Alyssa have also shared that they will be finding out in September what the baby will be!


  1. but if put Jedidiah Duggar,Jeremiah Duggar and Zachary Gilvin "Zach" all December 30.
    so there is Duggar/bates triple birthday
    duggar twins 1998 and Zach 1988

    1. For the Bates family this would be the first triple birthday.


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