Thursday, July 23, 2020

Recap: Roaring Bates and pending due dates

Chad and Erin arrive at the Stewart house to decorate Layla's nursey. Carlin reveals that she always thought that she was going to be one of those moms that would be neutral, stylish and then she found out that she was going to have a girl and wanted everything pink.
Kelton and Josie invited the family over for a housewarming party in their new home. The couple is so incredibly thankful to the family for the help. Both Josie and Kelton are very busy with two building business. Kelton just opened his own plumbing business and is booked solid while Josie already has weddings book for the hair in 2020.
Carlin is one week out from her induction date and has an ultrasound. The technician is waiting about thirty minutes for three to five respiratory moments so Dr. Vick puts Carlin on a monitor and still doesn't have the movement that he should be seeing even through Layla's heartbeat is normal. Carlin is currently 35 weeks pregnant and is admitted to the hospital. Carlin ends up getting an epidural and starts pushing. The hospital is only allowing Evan and Kelly in the room so Erin, Whitney, Tori and Gil are in the waiting room. The anesthesiologist is kind enough to hold the phone so those are in the waiting room can see Carlin's face.
Carlin, who is 35 weeks pregnant, is admitted to the hospital. The following day, she gets an epidural, and it’s not long before she progresses enough to start pushing. The hospital only allows Nathan and Kelly to be in the delivery room, but Erin, Whitney, Tori, and Gil are in the waiting room. As Carlin pushes, the anesthesiologist is kind enough to hold the phone so those in the waiting room can see Carlin’s face.
A week later, Trace, Zach and Kloe join Gil and Kelly out for dinner. Trace reveals that his parents that Chaney has ended their relationship. Trace reveals that it's hard thing to go through a long distance and it did not work out. Gil and Kelly knew that this talk was coming but it was nice to have Zach there because he went through a breakup before marrying Whitney.
Trace reveals that he can just thank his parents for advising us to do relationships the right way.
Later, Gil and Kelly bring some of the older girls along with Carlin to the church to set up for the Valentine's Day party. Zach and Erin with a few of the others cook the meal for the couple of dinner. Tori says that when Erin and Zach are cooking then you know that it's going to be absolutely phenomenal. She really love food these days and is very excited.
Katie is bringing her friend Travis to the couple dinner where he gets to meet her grandparents for the first time. She expects Travis to ask her to enter a courtship soon. She does admit that they are young and are trying to take things slowly in their relationship.
The first game that they play is a scratch to win. When the Charleston competitions are among the guys and everyone else agrees it is fun.
The party is a big Roaring 20s party. Gil and the husband and wife catering team are the three judges in the costume contest.
Evan says that they just don't put on the costume but become the costume. The couples, along with Katie and Travis, and the little families are playing together. Kelly reveals that her daughter, Katie, is not the participating kind but Travis talked her into it.
3rd place is Zach, Whitney and their children
2nd place is John, Alyssa and their girls
1st place is Chad and Erin with their children.
Lawson joins via phone while he is in the Philippines to help a little girl to get a life-saving surgrey. Kelly gives out a new award "the biggest heart award" which goes to Lawson. Kelly reveals that her mama's heart is so proud and she wanted to start off a new traditions honoring Lawason since it feels that his past has shown the character that he wants the holiday to be about. Kelly is planning to make the award an annual trandition.

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