Thursday, July 30, 2020

Recap: A Double Date and Something to Celebrate

Tori is 30 weeks pregnant with her second child and takes Ellie and Kade to her doctor appointment to check on Kolter. Erin reveals that when they had Carson and Brooklyn it took a little more than a week to transition but well worth it seeing their oldest child excited about having a sibling. Bobby has been giving Tori daily heparin shots for her blood clotting disorder that she, Carlin and Erin all have.
Callie, Travis, and Katie head over to Kelton and Josie's house for a homemade pizza. Josie asks Travis about when he is planning to ask Katie to court and he responds he hopes that it will be soon.
At the Bates Sisters Boutique, the girls are discussing their next steps in business. Erin loves being able to bring the babies to work. The girls are looking forward to reaching out and helping a women's ministry called Hands up.
Meanwhile, the Bates are welcoming Lawson home from his mission trip to the Philippines. He has been gone for three months and Zach says that they all miss Lawson because he made them laugh and hang out with the married couples and the little ones.
Lawson's trip was centered around a young girl named Esther whom he met from the first trip that he took. She needs a life-saving surgery and Lawson helped organize everything. Lawson reveals that she needed someone to go to bat for her and the plan is to bring the little girl and her mom to the states for the surgery in a few months.

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