Wednesday, July 28, 2021

18 grandchildren and counting

The Bates family have grown alot since welcoming their first one in October 2014. 
Erin, Zach and Alyssa have four children each while Tori has three, Josie has two and Carlin has one. Can you guess while child is which?
Zach and Whitney have Bradley (6), Kaci (5), Khloe (1) and Jadon (1 month old).
John and Alyssa have four children: Allie (6), Lexi (4), Zoey (3) and Maci (5 months old).
Chad and Erin have four children: Carson (6), Brooklyn (4 almost 5), Everly (3) and Holland (1)
Bobby and Tori have three children: Kade (2), Kolter (1), and Charlotte (1 month old)
Kelton and Josie have two children: Willow (2) and Hazel (1 month old)
Evan and Carlin have one child which is Layla (1)
The grandsons are Bradley (6), Carson (6), Kade (2), Kolter (1) and Jadon (1 month old)
The Granddaughters in this photo are Allie (6), Zoey (3), Lexi (4), Maci (5 months old), Kaci (5), Khloe (1), Brooklyn (4 almost 5), Everly (3), Holland (1)
The second granddaughter photo is Charlotte (1 month old), Layla (1), Willow (2) and Hazel (1 month old)

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