Monday, June 28, 2021

Home at last

Jadon got to go home about nine days after his June 7th birth. We are sure that you all are relieved that this little boy is now home with his mother, father, brother, and sisters. We have seven photos of the little Bates family as they adjust to being a family of six.
The family has nothing but smiles as they pose for a family photo. They want to thank you for all of your sweet prayers and thoughts for baby J.
Bradley got to hold his baby brother for the first time as Kaci Lynn watches her brothers interact.
Khloe even got to hold her baby brother with her mother's help.
It is now time for Kaci's turn to hold her baby brother.
Kaci's birthday and Jadon's birth are almost two weeks apart. We love this photo of Zach, Jadon and Kaci.
Khloe is all of smiles now that her brother is home.

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