Thursday, February 18, 2021

Grandbaby Balka: Boy or Girl!

 It's an exciting time for the family. The current countdown for the Bates grandchildren is 12 granddaughters and five grandsons! Today we are revealing the gender for Baby Balka #2 and it's a ...

We can't wait to meet Hazel Sloane Balka and neither can Josie, Kelton and Willow! 

Congrats to the happy family


  1. Time 1:48AM Fri 2/19/21
    I thought it will be a boy my guess
    Was wrong. Congrats to the couple

  2. Congratulations Kelton Josie and Willow I pray the Lord's protection on Josie and the baby girl during the remainder of the pregnancy and when the time comes for this baby girl to arrive. Josie and kelton will be great parents and Willow will be a great big sister. May the blessings of the Lord be upon the Household of Kelton Josie, Willow, and the new baby girl.


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