Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Bates grandchildren line up!

For those that follow our Duggar family blog then you noticed that we have done a grandchildren line up: You can view the current updated line up by clicking here. Just so many of you know, we are not sure how the three grandbabies that Chad and Erin miscarried are in the line up. We do know that Erin was due before Zach and Whitney with Bradley.

As many of you, there are two new grandbabies on the way and you can see their names by clicking here.
  1. Baby Paine
  2. Baby Paine
  3. Baby Paine
  4. Bradley Bates
  5. Allie Webster
  6. Carson Paine
  7. Kaci Bates
  8. Brooklyn Paine
  9. Lexi Webster
  10. Zoey Webster
  11. Everly Paine
  12. Baby Bates
  13. Kade Smith
  14. Willow Balka
  15. Baby Bates (Coming November 2019)
  16. Baby Paine (Coming December 2019)

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