Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New photos of the grandchildren

As many of you know that Kelton and Josie are due to welcome their first child later this month, we have a new photo of all nine grandchildren to share with you.



  1. Your children always are dressed so adorable! Do you get a clothing endorsement from anyone! If not I would surely try! Matilda Jane I know does for some reality families! But there are many adorable children's clothing lines! They are so beautiful, you are so blessed-

  2. You have the most beautiful grandchildren. God Bless each and everyone of them.

  3. thank you for sharing! i know the next 3 are going to be just as cute!
    i'm sorry, i dont remember when whitney & erin are due. do you know?

    1. Erin is due in December and Whitney is due in early November


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