Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Smith family update

Bobby has announced that he has joined The Plumbing Authority which is owned by Kelton’s family. As many of you know that Kelton is a certified plumber that has been working at the company full time. The business has grown with many employees and a new warehouse.
Before you asked about Bobby’s pastor career, here is an update from Kelly Jo!
It’s ironic how similar their [Tori and Bobby's] paths are to the one God led Gil and I on. Gil started as a youth pastor when we first got married. After the first year and a half or so, he resigned and worked a secular job for quite sometime. He never stopped being highly involved in church ministry all the while, but God really used that time to prepare us and grow us. Now Gil is a full time pastor (doing tree work on the side to provide for the family). God grew us a lot during the whole transitioning, but ministry was always part of Gil’s whole life, no matter if he was selling Nabisco cookies or working on a tree. I think he preached more sermons in those settings than he does now lol! So I’m sure God will use this time to prepare Bobby for whatever his future holds. Gil has always felt that it is wise for someone in the minstry to also have a skill they can use as well. Some small country churches have really small budgets, so having a skill enables pastors and missionaries to be self-supporting. – Kelly Bates

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  1. In your welcome header, you forgot to mention that Tori has 1 child.


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