Monday, January 2, 2017

Birth announcement ideas

We are trying to figure out a birth announcement ideas for Lexi Mae, who is due at the end of the month.

Now, just for everyone knows that Lexi Mae is not here yet. These are just ideas.

Here are our ideas:
1. Grandbaby #6 is here
2. Grandbaby #6: Birth announcement
3. Introducing Lexi Mae
4. Lexi Mae is here
5. Paging Webster family, party of four (Birth announcement)
6. Meet Lexi Mae Webster

Leave a comment down below which you like.  We will announce the winner when Lexi arrives.

On January 4th, we added "Meet Lexi Mae Webster" to the choices


  1. I like Introducing Lexi Mae.

  2. I vote for #5! It's cute and original. :)

  3. Hey this is Abdhidhuguf Junior and the birth announcement will be Introducing Lexi Mae.
    Thanks from Abdhidhuguf Junior a fan from New Zealand.

  4. Personally I love #3:)

  5. You could do meet Lexi Mae Webster with Allie Jane holding her baby sister that would be really really cute

  6. I love # 5. Paging Webster family, party of four (Birth announcement)

  7. We used a picture of our first born next to the new born captioned "introducing my little brother" with date, weight, etc. listed on the card. Sweet to include both kids.


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