Monday, June 18, 2018

Baby Games: Birth Stats Guess

It's time for the last baby games to be played. On June 11th, we asked if the baby is a boy or girl. On June 13th, we asked when the baby would make it's grand debut. Today we are wondering how big and how long the baby will be! 

How long in length do you think the baby will be? How much do you think the baby will weigh at birth? 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day 2018

Happy Father's Day!

 As many of you know that Bobby and Tori Smith are expecting their first child and this time next year, they will have almost five month old. Gil Bates is celebrating his 30th father's day. Chad, Zach and John are celebrating their third father's day.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Bobby and Tori's six month of marriage

Bobby and Tori are about to celebrate their six month anniversary! They are due to welcome their first child by their eleven month anniversary.They are currently setting into their new home in Nashville.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Live show: June 14th!

We are so excited to share this special live show from Zach and Whitney's vow renewal ceremony. Lawson also revealed that there will be a special announcement in next week.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Recap: Eye Love you day

Kelly recently had vision correction surgery and homeschool needs to be done. Carlin is in charge of it and boy does she run a tight ship. She wakes the kids up earlier than normal and the ones, that don't get out of bed, get water sprinkled on their faces. Jackson admits that he is normally not awake until she dumps water on him.
Gil loves to pamper Kelly Jo and since he gets her all to himself. Michaella comes into town to cook and help with the children.
Just one week following, Kelly is up and going. She is about to start planning the annual I love you day (Valentine's Day). This year, they are going with a Growing Old Together. Kelly wants to give prizes to those with the best costumes. They want to honor Gil's parents (Mama Jane and Papa Bill) and Kelly's mother and stepfather (Meema and Tom). They also want to express hope to their married children to stay together. Kelly reveals that her prayer is that they will grow old together.
Kelly takes a few children to the Thrift Store to find outfits for the party. Erin reveals that it was neat to see how people envision what an older preson looks like.
While shopping for her outfit, Kelly finds something that she wants to wear on a regular basic. Her kids pick on her and she doesn't mind it.
Erin reveals that Valentine's Day is the biggest family holiday for the Bates family. John and Alyssa arrive with Allie and Lexi in tow. The girls decide to help the younger kids make some gifts like bath scrub and body wash for the gift exchange.
As many of you know that both Erin and Alyssa are pregnant with their third babies. The girls discuss their pregnancies. Erin feels successful to be in her third trimester while Alyssa is finished with her pregnancy.
Carlin and Evan begin talking about engagement and timing. Erin reveals that it's sweet to watch her sisters go through the courtship.
Gil doesn't want to talk about his daughter getting married since they are done with enough people getting married. Alyssa replies that he should not have so many girls. Gil adds that he can't give away any of the boys while everyone wants the girls.
The night before the party, the Websters and Paines decorate a big table at the local lakeside restaurant for the couples that are married or couple. They also invited the grandparents to come. Kelly reveals that this is not any old date night but it's special.
Lawson reveals that he feels excluded from the good food and fun and it needs to change. He arrives there in a suit but Kelly reveals that he is only welcome if he has "got a girl".
Lawson reveals that he has someone special that he wants to introduce to the family. Gil is very surprised. He brings out his special friend and it's Nathan who is wearing a nightgown and a gray wig. The room erupts in laughter since they know that the boys will do anything for a good dinner. Kelly reveals that if Lawson was dating anyone so she would know.
During their dinner date, everyone gives their first impression significant others. Kelly reveals that she was attract to his athleticism and his strut.
Brandon reveals that he kept thinking that whoever married Michaella will be a very bless. He did not think that he had a chance but he is super bless.
The next day comes and every shows up. Two of the couples go out in their customes. The grandparents dress as young people for the contrast. The winners are Evan and Carlin for best adult male and female costume. Chad and Erin win best dress couple while little Judson wins best child costume.
The family plays a few games before the gift exchange. Tori reveals that the best thing about I love you day is watching the other person open the gifts that you picked out for them.
Jackson manages to get his gift delivered since it's pizza. He also got her ramen noddles and a pair of shoes. Katie is thrilled but she is only able to eat one piece before the siblings eat the rest.

Zach and Whitney renew vows

During tonight's live chat, Lawson announced that Zach and Whitney have decided to renew their wedding vows.

The couple will celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary this December and have two little ones Bradley, who will turn 4 this October, and Kaci Lynn, who will turn 2 in about six days! 

The wedding was filmed and will be featured soon. 

New Bringing Up Bates Tonight!

The moment that you have been waiting for! It's Thursday night and that means that it's time for a new Bringing Up Bates episode! Be sure to check out the recap that will be posted tonight if not tomorrow morning. Be sure to stay tune for the live chat post this weekend.

Tonight's episode will feature the Valentine's Day now that the family has a newly married couple and two courting couples. We have a promo for tonight's episode to share with you.