Thursday, August 17, 2017

Recap: The Night The light went out in Tennessee

Nathan has been living in Mississippi for the past six months. He has been working as a flight instructor. He reveals that he enjoyed learning how to fly and wanted to pass the information to others. Tonight is no different as he teaches a man who is working on his commercial pilot's license. Gil reveals that his son has a lot respect for everything like safety, life and caution. He also says that is a mark of maturity for a risk taker like Nathan.

The little Bates family is heading Taryn Yager's house studio for Kaci's one year. Bradley is a great help on making his little sister laugh. Kaci loves the cake smashing.

Whitney reveals that she cried while looking at the pictures since Taryn caught many sweet photos.
Nathan returns home and puts up the smoke detectors. The fire department showed the family where to put all the detectors. Jackson reveals that they waited until Nathan got home to take care of it.

Gil says that his son is an energy giver and gives great motivator. He manages to get Lawson and few of the boys to help. Kelly and the girls are working on cleaning out the fridges. Gil reveals that his wife loves to do when he doesn't like to waste it. During the time that the boys and girls are working hard, the power ends up going out. The girls work fast to put everything back into the fridge and get the flashlights and candles.

Lawson says no lighters for the little boys. Kelly has the kids put on their pjs while she gets a family favorite, Surprise Spin. Everyone works on taking turns.  When someone lands on draws a paper which reveals they either do a chore or grants them something.

Isaiah gets 5 dollars.

Kelly reveals that her husband is going to love that they played this game.

Lawson is stuck with cleaning out the van and changing all the sheets in the house.

The lights come back on and everyone wants to party and so they grab ice cream. Lawson reveals that it's sometimes good that the power goes out so they can focus on each other and play a game.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Brooklyn and Lexi

Right before Brooklyn's 1st Birthday, Erin posted a new photo of her daughter and niece (Lexi). We thought that it would nice to share it for you all.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Preview: The Night The Lights Went Out in Tennessee

Now that Nathan is a certified flight instructor, he's moved back to Rocky Top, TN to teach flight lessons; Kaci Lynn is turning the big One; a power outage leads to an impromptu slumber party and game night.

Keilens celebrate two years!

Brandon and Michaella are celebrating their second wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe that they have been married for the past two years. 

You can check out their wedding date post by clicking here. You can also check out their first year of marriage by clicking here. You can also check out their eighteen month update by clicking here.

We will see you in August 2018 for their third wedding anniversary.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Flying Home

The Webster family flew into Tennessee for the girls birthday (Josie, Callie, and Brooklyn). Alyssa recently posted a new photo of her and the girls on their plane ride home. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Brooklyn: One month to one year old photos

This week, we have shared Brooklyn's 1st birthday blog post, All about Brooklyn: 12 months old, and her 1st birthday photo.

Erin ended up sharing a collage of her daughter's first year of life.

Here is the one that we made:  

Friday, August 11, 2017

Meet Josie's special friend

During last night's Bringing Up Bates "One cap, two growns?" We were introduced to Josie's special friend Kelton Balka. 
Kelton Balka is the son of Kristy and Michael. His middle name is Edward. His birthday is July 4, 1995. He has four brothers and sisters. His mother sadly died when she was giving birth to her 5th child in 2009.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Recap: One Cap, two growns

Tori seeks Carlin for help about what to wear for Bobby's graduation. Carlin notices a few outfits that are hers but doesn't mind letting her sister borrow them. Lawson says that they have a real problem with stealing but Nathan says that it's not stealing since they fit. Nathan adds that if you want them to be yours than you need to keep them somewhere else but if you keep them in the house than it's free game.
Kelly reveals that Nathan and Tori think that it's in the family's closet then it's fair game.
Down in the Webster house, John and Alyssa give a glimpse of what they do day to day. John is working for his family's air conditioning business. John and Alyssa recently opened their cleaning business on the side.
John comes home to eat dinner and watch the girls so Alyssa can clean up one of their locations. She leaves right around 6:30pm and doesn't return until a little after 9:00pm. John has to leave to fix an unit right after they eat. Alyssa says goodbye to her husband and comes back in to find Allie Jane out of bed. Judson says that Alyssa learned how to be very cleaning from their home.
Tori and Josie head to Florida to attend Bobby's grad party. They start with some disk golf with Bobby, Kelton and their dads. Kelly reveals that they knew Kelton before Bobby and he actually lives in Tennessee.
Josie reveals that she was excited to go with Tori because Kelton was graduation. She says that he is a guy that she is talking to and getting to know. She says he is pretty great.
Gil wonders what is with all these special friends. Kelly says that she likes the boys. Gil has a combined look of stress and joy on his face.
Gil and Kelly bring some of the kids down there to support Bobby and Kelton. Jackson says that Bobby's house is different than his house since it's clean. Bobby's family lives in Tampa and it's gated community.
Nathan says that if you got nice things, there is a chance that they can break them.
Bobby has a youth ministry degree and will be moving to Tennessee by the end of the summer. Kelton has a degree in finance and will return to Tennessee to work at his uncle's plumbing business.
During the party, Tori gives Bobby his gift and he loves it. Tori has given him a bible which is prefect for what he wants to do.

On the road to courtship?

During tonight's episode of Bringing Up Bates, Bobby and Tori are planning their future and talk about engagement as Bobby graduates from college.
Meanwhile, Josie and Kelton get a chance to spend some time together. Could they be moving closer to start a romance. Are these two moving closer to start a courtship?
 We will also get a special check up with John, Alyssa, Allie and Lexi. 
Find out during tonight's episode of Bringing Up Bates.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

All about Brooklyn: 12 months old photo

We still can not believe that Brooklyn had celebrated her 1st Birthday on Sunday!  Today we are sharing her first year of life photo with you all.
On Friday,  we are planning to share a college that will feature her newborn photo to 12 months old.

We hope that you will check out her 1st birthday blog post by clicking here. You can also checked out her 12 month update by clicking here.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Preview: One Cap, two growns?

Bobby's big graduation party; a few rounds of disc golf; Bobby and Tori discuss their future together; Josie gets the chance to spend some time with Kelton.

Monday, August 7, 2017

All about Brooklyn: 12 months old

We can't believe that Brooklyn celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday. This past month, Brooklyn ended up spending about a week in the hospital due to an infection in her finger.

Don't forget to check out her first birthday post along with her 1st birthday photo that we should be posting later this week.

We should also have her first birthday college on Friday on our blog.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Brooklyn turns 1

Happy 1st Birthday Brooklyn!

We can't believe that you are one! We hope that you have a blessed day.

Be sure to check out her 12 month update tomorrow along with her 12 month old photo. We will also be doing a college for her monthly photos.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Season 7?

As of July 28th, there is no word about the show getting renewed. UP TV has said that it should be coming soon! 

We will keep you updated! 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Recap: Lawson and Sadie's big breakup

Lawson and Nathan talk about Lawson's music video plans. Lawson feels that the next step is to get a single out there on the radio. He also wants to shoot a high quality music video to promote it. Lawson reveals that his friend connected him with Sadie Robertson after he was looking for a girl to play the girlfriend in "Past the past".

The big day arrives, Lawson and a few of the Bates head to Manchester to shoot the video. Sadie arrives there as well.

Lawson reveals that the story of the video has him playing a quarterback in a high school football team. Lawson has never done that so it should be something interesting. Lawson has a lot of respect for athletes since it's not as easy.

They head to do the next scene which is filmed on a front porch which is a breakup scene. They end up filming it in the rain.

Kelly says that Sadie is amazing since she was so convincing. Kelly reveals that she is like poor thing. Kelly would later add that they made it seem very real and as a mom, she is oozing in pride.
Later that night, Lawson is getting ready to film the football game where Lawson's character gets injure. Lawson wants to take the hit however the director does not want to risk him getting hurt. One of the players on the team offers to be his stunt double. They run the scene a few times and the stunt double doesn't mind it. He is actually enjoying it. Nathan thinks that a picture with Sadie must have soften the blow.

Jackson, Warden and Isaiah want to take her out on a lunch date for Mother's Day. Kelly accepts the offer as long as the boys allow her to give them a refresher course in manners beforehand. 
Nathan argues that his brothers need a whole class from start to finish. Jeb reveals that good manners are standing up straight and eating your food while Judson adds in using your fork and knife instead of your hands.

The boys put on their Sunday best and takes Kelly to one of her favorite places, McCloud Mountain Restaurant. The boys do well and Kelly thinks her boys will get a girl before Lawson and Nathan do. Kelly adds that she doesn't want them to start looking yet.

Be sure to check out "Past the Past" music video which was released today by clicking here.

Past the Past music video!

Lawson's newest music video has been released today. Back in May 2017, we announced that Lawson had team up with Sadie to film a music video. Well today, we have that music video.
 During tonight's episode of Bringing Up Bates, it will feature behind the scenes as Lawson films it.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Websters Girls (1 to 6 months old)

John and Alyssa recently share Lexi Mae's growth chart which we shared yesterday on the blog. 

Well today we thought it would be a wonderful chance to share Allie Jane's 1 to 6 months old photos and compare them to Lexi Mae.

Allie Jane's growth chart:

 Lexi Mae's growth chart: 


Preview: Lawson and Sadie's big breakup

Lawson takes the next step with his career and makes a music video, co-starring actress Sadie Robertson; Kelly Jo thinks it's time the middle boys receive a manners lesson so they can become gentlemen.

August 2017

* Callie
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Other Blogs:
* September Birthdays and anniversary

Monday, July 31, 2017

July Recap

We are saying goodbye to July!

This month, Lawson celebrated his 25th birthday. They also celebrated Papa Bill's birthday. The family also celebrated America's birthday. The family moved into their new church building.

Brooklyn ended up having surgery on her finger but is recovering nicely.

Bringing Up Bates is getting closer to their season finale and there has not been any word about season 7 but we will keep you update.

The Lexi Growth Chart!

Gil and Kelly's youngest granddaughter celebrated her six month milestone last week so John and Alyssa shared a new photo along with Lexi's monthly from 1 month old to current.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

All about Brooklyn: 7 days until one

In just one more week until Brooklyn will celebrate her first birthday. We seriously can't believe that she is going to be one.

We recently shared her 1st birthday photo! 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

August Birthday and anniversary!

Today we are sharing our August Birthdays and Anniversary!
This month, the family has five birthdays and one anniversary.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Current 1st Birthday covers

Now that we have released Brooklyn's 1st birthday cover and have a little while before Lexi's first birthday cover is release this December.



Brooklyn heads home

This past week has been rough for Chad and Erin. They ended up taking their daughter, Brooklyn Elise, to the East Tennessee children hospital after her finger started to swell.
On Sunday, Brooklyn ended up having surgery to release some pressure on her finger. Nathan shared during the live chat that Brooklyn was doing better and should be released soon.

Well Erin posted today that her daughter was getting released today.

Chad and Erin are overwhelmed by the love and support that everyone has given them.

Post mention:
* Update on Brooklyn (Sunday's post)
* Update on Brooklyn (Wednesday's post)

Brooklyn's 1st birthday cover

We can't believe that Brooklyn is going to be one really soon! It's hard to believe that it's almost a year.
 Be sure to check out our August Birthday and anniversary cover that will be shared tomorrow at 8am (PST)!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Recap: More Bloopers, Outtakes and Mishaps, Oh My!

Gil says that his family has never learned that they should allow one person to talk at a time. It's like this huge barrage of verbal things coming since everyone is talking at a time.

The family is asked who is the best driver and Lawson says that the family is lacking in good drivers.
During one of their interviews a rooster goes off around 2pm and Kelly responds that the rooster takes the family.

During the time at the family went to Dollywood, Kelly faces her fear of heights and rides the roller coaster. Kelly ends up screaming the entire time.

Tori and Callie can't control when they laugh. Tori's laugh is describe like a loud cackle. When Callie starts laughing she can't stop.

What are the family favorite words and phrases?
    - Awkard
    - epic
    - oh my stars

During the weddings, the coolest part is watching the little kids when they are standing up on stage, they lose their attention and go crazy. There is also a food fight when Kay (Kelly's sister) is teaching them to decorate cakes.

--- News from the live show ----
* Lawson has a music video coming out next week
* Brooklyn is doing better and should be released from the hospital

Lawson turns 25

Happy 25th Birthday Lawson!

We hope that you enjoy your special day!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Update on Brooklyn!

We just shared an update on Brooklyn on our facebook fan page. Chad and Erin announced on Sunday, that their daughter had surgery on her finger to release some pressure.

Chad and Erin just shared another update on their daughter "Thank you all for the sweet and encouraging comments. ❤️ We are overwhelmed by your love. Brooklyn is doing much better today. I'm not sure if we will ever know how her finger got infected, but we are so grateful to the doctors and nurses here who have cared for her. The doctor did surgery to release pressure from her swollen finger and to remove infection, and he said it went really well. We will most likely be in the hospital for a few more days as they wait on antibiotics to do their job. Thankfully they are being very thorough and extra cautious to make sure she is fully recovered. I have a new understanding and compassion for families who have a child in the hospital. I'm not sure why this happened, but I know God has been by our side and He has used many others to encourage us through this time. #BrooklynElise ❤️#daddysgirl"
Websites mentioned:

All about Brooklyn: 11 days until one

Just 11 more days until Brooklyn turns one! We will be sharing Brooklyn's 1st Birthday cover photo during the weekend.

All about Lexi: Six Months old

Lexi is now six months old. It's hard to believe that she will be 1 in six months. This past month, she celebrated her first Fourth of July!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Preview: MORE Bloopers, Outtakes and Mishaps, Oh My!

With 19 kids you never know what's going to happen! And as we've seen, the Bates kids are chock-full of hilarious sayings and entertaining moments. Here's a look back at some of the funniest and wackiest things the Bates kids have said and done, updated with even more fun clips and mishaps!

Monday, July 24, 2017

August Episode preview

Who is ready for our August monthly previews for Bringing Up Bates. There is currently no word on season 7 but we will let you know.

Lawson and Sadie's big breakup
August 3, 2017
Lawson takes the next step with his career and makes a music video, co-starring actress Sadie Robertson; Kelly Jo thinks it's time the middle boys receive a manners lesson so they can become gentlemen.

One cap, two Gowns?
August 10, 2017
Bobby's big graduation party; a few rounds of disc golf; Bobby and Tori discuss their future together; Josie gets the chance to spend some time with Kelton.

The Night The Lights Went Out in Tennessee
August 18, 2017
Now that Nathan is a certified flight instructor, he's moved back to Rocky Top, TN to teach flight lessons; Kaci Lynn is turning the big One; a power outage leads to an impromptu slumber party and game night.

The Fabulous Backwoods Bates Boys
August 24, 2017
Zach organizes a camping trip in hopes of having some bonding moments with his brothers; Zach gets an unexpected call; Kelly Jo, Erin and Whitney gather up the younger kiddos for a swimming lesson.

Please remember to check out our Preview Tuesday since these titles are titled to change but sometimes they don't.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Update on Brooklyn!

We had a few comments regarding Brooklyn. Chad and Erin shared an message on their daughter.

She said I can't thank everyone enough for the prayers and encouragement for sweet Brooklyn. ❤️ Her finger started swelling on Friday night, for no apparent reason, so we took her in to check it out, and she started to run a fever as well. The doctors ran multiple tests and started antibiotics, but it only seemed to get worse, so this morning they decided to do surgery on her to release pressure. She is recovering well, and we are still waiting on lab results. The doctors and nurses have been more than wonderful and I am so grateful for everyone love and support. It is really hard on this mom and dad's heart to see our baby in pain. 😢#BrooklynElise

Webster girls photo part 2

We love sharing photos of the grandbabies! We recently shared a few photos of Lexi Mae and Allie Jane on Friday but we are back with one more photo of the girls with their beautiful momma.
 Blogs Mentioned:

Saturday, July 22, 2017

New photo of Kaci and Bradley

Zach and Whitney recently shared a new photo of their daughter and son together. It's hard to believe that these two are growing up so fast.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Past the past music video

We are so excited to share that Lawson's newest music video will be coming out on August 3rd!

It will feature Sadie Robertson and Lawson himself

Matching girls (new photos)

Gil and Kelly's two granddaughters (Allie and Lexi) are growing up so fast. Alyssa just shared new photo of the girls matching.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Recap: Stop Drop and wash

Back in November 2016, the little boys accidentally started a small fire in the Bates family laundry room. The family says that it was the most frightening ordeals that they had to walk through. The fire department shows up to give the kids some lessons about safety and help Gil and Kelly place the new smoke detectors.

The family wants to give back to the community and help fund the department, they decide to do a car wash.

Zach knows that the family doesn't know how to wash a car since they have allowed the rain to wash. Zach heads to the family home to show his brothers and sisters how to wash the car. Zach reveals his goal was to come over and assigned a specific job to them. He knew that if they had no jobs assigned then they would not get anything done. The practice ended breaking into chaos. Gil had asked for water and Zach gets his father with the hose.

Zach reveals that he would jump into the car if he did not think that his family would get him wet inside.

Zach thinks about grabbing the hose to get an advantage. The little ones end up putting a kink in it so he can't get them.

Chad and Erin know that their family is outgrowing the cottage and so they need to look for a new home. They are hoping for an older home that they can fix up. Chad reveals that they are looking to buy very soon or just wait for a few years. Both houses that the couple looked they really liked.

On the day of the car wash, it started to poured. Gil says that God is wetting all the cars. They are little bummed but Jeb offered that they pray and the rain ends up stopping after a while.

During the car wash, Evan surprises Carlin and she is super ecstatic. The car was is a big success. A few of the firefighters to help. Gil says that they got the hang of washing the cars. Bradley even got involved in the car wash.

All about Kaci: 13 months old

Kaci Lynn is 13 months old!

This past month, she celebrated her second Fourth of July!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Power of Goats

On the most recent web-episode, Zach and Whitney share their thoughts about getting the kids animals for them to take care. They both agree that for now the kids will be going to Chad and Erin's house to visit the goats.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Preview: Stop, Drop and Wash

The Bates family will never forget their house fire, and so they organize a car-washing fundraiser to give back to the heroic volunteer firefighters who responded to their emergency situation. Right before the big day, Zach insists on giving the Bates kids a tutorial on the do's and don'ts of properly washing a car. But will a family water fight put an end to Zach's lesson? Meanwhile, Chad and Erin are interested in purchasing a 'fixer upper' house and begin the search for a property that they hope to renovate and call their own!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Name that Bates is back!

We are so excited to announce the return of Name that Bates! Last year, UP TV has welcomed back the web-show! 

Find out the answers to the two questions and who you think it should be?

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Carson Swimming

Chad and Erin recently shared this sweet video of their two year old son, Carson, as he practices his swimming skills.
We are not sure what Carson had said so let's see if you can figure it out?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Date Night with John and Alyssa

We are so excited to share a new photo of John and Alyssa Webster. Just a few days ago, Alyssa posted a new photo of her and her husband having a date night.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Recap: Live Show

The family announced that they have moved into their new building that was featured on Bringing Up Bates!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Recap: Don't Worry, We've 'Goat' This!

Gil and a few of the little kids are at Chad and Erin's house. They are playing with the twin goats. Chad says that he was happy to get the goats after how Carson is reacting to the goats.
Gil and the kids end up painting the goat shed. Chad wants them to paint it with a white water based since he will paint it with a black oil based later. Chad says that the little kids did awesome with painting and it was a lot of fun.
Gil and the older boys need to redo the zip line that Nathan had connected to the shed. The shed is not very stable. Isaiah tries to help but it's hard with a cast on his arms. The family revealed that he broke two bones as he was playing softball.
Trace decides that he wants to be the first one to try the new zip line. Everyone is a little nervous that the trial run is going to end badly but it doesn't. The whole family is so excited to have a new activity outside.
Chad is turning 30 so Erin wants to plan a surprise getaway in Hot Springs, North Carolina. Granny and Grandpa are going to watch Carson and Brooklyn while they are gone.
Kelly reveals that they love getting to babysit the little ones. Kelly says that it's helpful for the couples to go out and spend time together without the kiddos.
Chad and Erin arrive at the Inn and Erin has her husband go and check in. The hostess gives Chad a tour so Erin has enough time to decorate their cottage. Erin adds the fishing poles  and fishing themes banners.
    A few of the banners say:
        * Old But Cstill a catch
        * I can't believe I reeled you in
        * You took my Bate bait
Chad jokes with his wife that she will wish that she never turned 30. The next day, the couple heads to go fishing in the rain.
Tori says that after she gets married and have kids, she will like fishing too. Carlin chips in and says you will like anything away from your kids.
The couple relaxes in the hot tub later that night in natural mineral water from the hot springs.
Gil and the kids head over to Chad and Erin's home to check on the dog and baby goats. Chad and Erin hired a pet sitter to take care of the animals. Jackson revealed Erin did not trust the family to take care of her animals. Jackson jokes that his sister trust them to take care of her kids but not her "kids".

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Celebrating Papa Bill!

On Fourth of July, The Bates were celebrating the birth of Papa Bill who turned 79!