Thursday, January 19, 2017

Recap: A Birthday and a birdie

Gil and Kelly are planning to give each of their daughters a purity ring for their 16th birthday and now it's Katie's turn. The older girls help pick an outfit for her to wear during the date with her parents. Katie is not used to wear fancy outfits but they insist it.

GIl knows that it's been hard to see each of his daughters growing up. One of the producers ask why don't the boys get the same rings and Zach kids that the boys don't get a lot of free things.
Lawson wants a new saddle or a new truck instead of the ring. The little boys would love a steak instead of the ring.

Gil and Kelly talk to Katie about the importance of the ring. Katie got a gold heart ring which is shows the promise that she has with her parents. The ring will stay there until her wedding day.
Katie says the dinner date was really nice to spend time with her mother and father.

Gil and Kelly are working on finding a permanent meeting place for the church that they started three years ago. They decided to add a steeple since the building doesn't have one.

Papa Bill and Mama Jane came up from South Carolina. Lawson joins his father and grandfather to golf. Gil asked his son if he needs to have a "large talk" which the family knows it's code for are you taking interested to any girls. Lawson is married to his music.

Papa Bill says: Just remember, whatever decision you make today will determine what decisions are available to you tomorrow.

The family sits down at dinner and Gil and Kelly talk about Katie. Kelly reveals that her daughter doesn't like attention. The family shares birthday praises but Gil's word brings his daughter to tears.

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