Friday, January 20, 2017

39 weeks pregnant and Full Term

Alyssa is now 39 weeks pregnant with baby #2 which means that she is due in seven days. Today we announced the birth announcement blog which is Meet Lexi Mae! Her first official photo blog will be title Introducing Ms. Lexi Mae! We are so excited for her to arrive. The baby is consider to be full term this week and we are just one week from her due date.  

The baby is currently weighting in a bit over seven pounds. She is also about 20 inches long. She is the size of a mini-watermelon.

Do you think that we will make it to 40 weeks pregnant? 

Fun fact: When Alyssa was pregnant with Allie Jane, she was born on 40 weeks and one day pregnant.


  1. Actually, Allie was born on her due date, so 40 weeks.

    1. Allie's due date was April 10th not the 11th.

      Be sure to check out our blog post about Alyssa's due date.


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