Thursday, January 12, 2017

Recap: Plans, Bands, and mashed potatoes

Erin heads over to the house to meet with her brothers and sisters to plan the birthday party of their mother. They want to make sure that it's a surprise but need to make sure that the two youngest ones can keep a secret. Erin reveals that they are hoping to get Michaella and Alyssa in for Kelly's birthday.

Lawson is preparing for his tour and invites the band to rehearse their songs. Since the group doesn't know the songs, it's a little rough. Kelly thinks that her son is starting to feel the pressure and is getting a little nervous.

Gil gathers the boys to talk about a basketball court in the yard. They have been playing on gravel for the past ten years and have been working on getting some concrete. Nathan jokes that they have home court advantage with the gravel when people come to play. They talk about where the court should go but then decided to shot for it and Kelly suggest that they should tear down the old junk shed and use the slab from it therefore saving money. She asked for one match and shoots a basket and makes it.

Zach and Kelly are surprised that she makes it. They know that it could be a while since the Bates run on Bates time.

Warden heads over to Erin's house for a cooking lesson since most of the girls are out of the house. Lawson talks about how everyone has to jump with both hands since there are 19 kids. Zach thinks that he is the best since he is the oldest.

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