Friday, January 20, 2017

Birth announcement blog results

We had announced that we have picked a birth blog announcement title and we are sure that you will all love this one. I went back and look at Bradley, Allie, Carson, Kaci and Brooklyn's birth announcement blogs and ruled out any of the ones that I did not care for. Thank you all who vote on our birth announcement ideas blog

1. Grandbaby #6 is here- We decided to do that for our grandchildren blog

2. Grandbaby #6: Birth announcement- It felt a little close to the first one so it got cross off.

3. Introducing Lexi Mae- I might do this one for the picture 

4. Lexi Mae is here- again felt like #1 all over again.

5. Paging Webster family, party of four (Birth announcement)- decided to do that for the Webster family blog

6. Meet Lexi Mae Webster- This is the one that we chose for the blog. 

We fell in love with #6 and prayed about it and it just seem like the right choice for the blog. We will have "Introducing Lexi Mae" with her photo as soon as it is released to the media.

Now we just have to wait for Lexi to make her big debut! 

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