Thursday, January 26, 2017

Recap: Doggy Dilemmas

Warden brings Judson and Jeb over to Chad and Erin's house to work with the puppy, Max. Max needs work on fetching but does great on the sitting command.
Lawson heads to the hospital to meet his friend, Emily, to sing to some of the patients. Gil is proud of each of the kids as they go through.  Emily says that it was amazing to meet everyone of the kids and is looking forward to going.
Kelly's plan to use the shed's concrete slab was voted by her husband. He wants to make sure that the basketball is on the side yard. Lawson shows up when the concrete gets here causing Nathan to think that his brother is there to watch because of his outfit. It took Lawson a little bit before convincing him to change. The truck doesn't arrive and Gil calls another place and has it drop off the next morning.
The boys end up running out of concrete right before the end of project and ends up having to get more. The product looks good and the kids add their hand-prints and names on the court.
Brandon and Michaella give an update on their family plans. Erin had contacted Brandon about doing a surprise for Kelly for her 50th birthday. Brandon starts working on it. Michaella is still working on sewing dresses, scrap-booking and nanny. Kelly knows that they think that they will have a big family since she loves children. Kelly also thinks that her daughter is hoping to get pregnant and join the others pregnant.
Brandon and Michaella noticed around six months of marriage, that there might be something going on. They also are considering visiting a specialist after their first year of marriage.
Michaella is excited about starting a family and knows that it will take some times. Brandon is leaving it in God's hands and it's his plans.

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