Thursday, January 5, 2017

Recap: Summer lovin', Guitar Strummin, and a surprise comin'

As the family is heading to North Carolina to pick up the middle boys (Jackson, Warden and Isaiah) from camp. Tori gets a call from Bobby wondering where the family is.

Tori gives a update on her relationship with Bobby. She says "We've been together for about a year now, like officially, unofficially, like technically but not technically. We're together but we're not together. It's confusing. We're gonna get married."

Gil wants them to wait before they get official but are headed in that direction. Since Bobby lives in Florida and goes to school there while Tori lives in Tennessee and goes to school near home, it makes their time a little limited.

Kelly wants to make sure that her daughter is happy and she is. She is anxious to see where this will lead in the coming months.

Bobby offers to give the family a crash course of the camp and the first stop is the swing. The kids keep quiet knowing that their mother won't do it if she know what really happens on it. Kelly figures out about it when it's too late. Kelly ends up screaming the whole time.

The next time, that kids headed to the lake where they have jumping platforms, a giant blob and zip lines. Gil pushes Bobby into the lake and then Carlin does it to her father!

Lawson stays back to work on his concert tour for his new CD. He heads to the studio with Kelly and Josie. Lawson knows that his mom is his biggest supporter and he is so thankful for her. He has a duet with Emily Ann Roberts. Kelly is a very proud mom.

  The boys and Carlin want to help Trace practice for his Dixie Stampede audition. He is going to have learn how to do showmanship and daning. The family normally doesn't dance so Kelly thinks that Trace might needs to some dancing lessons.

Over at the Little Bates home, Zach and Whitney are enjoying some time together with their kidds on his day off. Zach works 12 hours and it makes it hard to spend time with his family. They head over to the big house to spend a day with everyone expect the Websters and Keilens.

Alyssa had arranged her family's longtime friend, Mrs. Dingus, to surprise the family with some news. She brings in flowers and gifts. The family figures that someone is pregnant. They all ask Erin, Whitney and Kelly if they are expecting. They soon find out that they are about to have a Webster niece and the baby's name is Alexi Mae but will go by Lexi Mae. The family is surprised since Alyssa told her sister, Michael, that she is going to wait until Allie is older. They are surprise to see that John and Alyssa are there.

Allie is not used to the loud noices so she gets upset but calms down really fast. The family sits down and eats dinner.

Gil says    "I don't think there's any...emotional word to capture what you feel like when you find out you're going to have a new granddaughter,"


  1. Really? I didn't know that they were naming her Alexi. I thought it was just Lexi. I really like both though. How did you find out?


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