Saturday, February 25, 2017

Whitney on the kids milestones

 Ok, so day 1 & 2 of this whole potty training thing was a little rough😳😂 but he caught on quick & is now on his 6th day of big boy underwear & doing awesome😛🙌🏼 We're so proud of the milestones our babies have reached this week, but sad to see time going by so quickly. It seems like just yesterday they were born & we were thinking about what their little life & personality was going to be like. Now Kaci Lynn is crawling and Bradley is using a big boy potty.. all within the SAME week😭 Talk about an emotional momma😂 I think I secretly cry almost every time he comes and tells me he needs to go😅#wheredidmybabygo😩 #growingup#emotionalmommy

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