Sunday, February 19, 2017

Double special day!

Friday marked both Jackson and Addallee's birthdays so the family shared a special message for the birthday twins.

Yesterday was a double special day cause it was Jackson & Addee's birthday! Jackson it's hard to believe you've grown up and are old enough to get a permit!! You have become one of the most diligent people with your hands, and I love that you are willing to pour hours into projects you make just to be able to give them as gifts. That sort of thoughtfulness is hard to find. Thank you for your diligence!!  AAddee, there's just not a sweeter person on earth! You're probably one of the best little baby holders and helpers around, but on top of your willingness to lend a hand, that smile just brightens my world! Thank you for being so sensitive, so caring, so loving!!! You have a heart of gold, and I love you dearly!! 😘 #Jackson #Addallee

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