Thursday, February 16, 2017

Recap: Shakeups, Steak, and showtime

Lawson is happy to get a bunch of his new CDs. He knows that it's something special to get your product on a disk. Lawson is just praising the Lord that they have arrive. Lawson is getting ready for his charity concert in Knoxville for the Children's hospital. 

Now that Zach and Whitney are heading to Ye Olde Steak house where Gil and Kelly would go to celebrate when they had a new baby in their home. Zach and Whitney are getting ready to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Zach decided to switch from the night shifts to the day shifts. Bradley is always excited for his dad to come home. 

Whitney recalls, when they first got married, Zach asked her if he could be a cop and at first she thought no way but now she can't imagine her husband doing anything else but being a cop. Zach loves his job and having a family to come to.

Emily is not able to make the concert so Lawson asks his sister, Carlin, to sing at the parts. Carlin doesn't think that she will be able to fill her shoes but her brother believes in her. The concert is in the evening and the music is schedule in 45 minutes. The computer goes down and the family and friend are having issues with scanning the tickets.  Both Gil and Kelly say that it was a lot of confusion because of the computer issues.

The shows manages to start and everyone is hyped up. Lawson ends up forgetting a few words to one of his songs but manages to move past it. Lawson is happy that people are enjoying themselves. The duet ends up being really great. Lawson actually brings up AJ and other kids up to sing "Jesus loves me" and they do really good.

Gil is happy that the kids are singing and encouraging them during that moment. Zach says that he is proud of his little brother. He knows that the hardest person to impress is his big brother and Lawson has done that above and beyond.

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