Friday, February 24, 2017

Recap: Sweet Home Spartanburg

Kelly has been wanting to take the family to her hometown and is finally able to make it happen. They meet up with Kelly's mother and sisters. They also meet up with Gwen, who happen to live with the family. They walk through the house where she grew up. The family that is living there agreed to let them walk through the house on a tour. Kelly reveals that her brother Chip passed away.
Kelly reveals that she was a little bit of the trouble maker in the family. She said that she was "tattletale", "brat", and "baby" in the family and she would take notes of things that her siblings would say and report it to her mom. She also enjoyed listening in on her brother and his friends. Kelly would also sneak into the bathroom and get them with cold water as they were taking a shower.
The Bates enjoy being a blessing to those that they meet and decide to rake some leaves for the couple to thank them. They also end up jumping in there. The four girls also pray together. Erin says that it gave them a look back into their childhood.
Kelly reveals that she was in the third grade when her mother and father got divorced. She lived with her mother while her siblings went to Tennessee with their father. It was really hard to go through but it made her who she is today. Kelly shares that it is hard on them and they should learn something positive from it.
Kelly revealed that after the divorce she start to pour herself into her studies. She took the family to the high school that she attended and introduce her kids to the two favorite teachers she had.
Michael says that they are thankful for the role that they played in her mother's life and in turned their lives. Kelly's science teacher takes them to the classroom to do an experiment. Since all the kids are homeschool and few haven't gone to college yet. They have not sat in a classroom desk or where a teacher is upfront drawing on a board. They were curious and interested about it.
The family heads to the Beacon where they meet up with Kelly's friends. Her best friend's name is also Kelly.  Her friend called many of their friends to meet up which a quite of them showed up. Kelly was in tears by the outcome of each friendship had on her life.
Down in Florida, John and Alyssa are excited about the arrival of their daughter, Lexi Mae, who is schedule to arrive in January 2017.

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