Thursday, February 2, 2017

Recap: Surprise! Kelly Jo's Big 5-0!

Gil and the kids are getting ready to celebrate Kelly Jo's 50th birthday. Kelly knows that she is going somewhere but doesn't know that the kids are doing a big surprise to celebrate.

Lawson feels that it doesn't feel right that his mom is turning 50. Jackson feels that the old changes every time with a birthday "When you turn 20, 20’s not old anymore. Fifty is. When you turn 50, 50’s not old anymore. Eighty is. When you turn 80, you’re old.”

The kids load up in the car shortly after Gil and Kelly left. Tori says that they left on time since they left mom and dad behind.

Erin is starting to think that her mom is suspecting that they are up to something but quickly finds out that Kelly is clueless to the surprise since she calls asking where Gil is taking her.

The kids finally make it to the cabin and quickly gets their bedroom assignments and gets to work. Zach is in charge of making the pasta for dinner. Gil manages to send a text saying that they are five minutes but because they aren't ready, they tell him to wait and stall. The owner meets them when they arrive at the cabin and opens the door to surprise Kelly with her babies and grandbabies. Kelly is shocked by the surprise.

John and Alyssa arrive a little bit later. The family wakes up to go to Railroad Museum for a train ride. Kelly reveals that her parents got a divorced and her father moved to Chattanooga which cause her to love riding trains when she would visit her father.

Brandon and Michaella meet with the family and enjoy a pinic at a local park.

Kelly opens her presents and finds a new wedding ring from her husband. She had let Jeb play with her last ring and he lost it. Everyone shares their praises and tears of joy. Brandon reveals his video of his drawings and praises from all the kiddos.

Michaella says that it's really special for the kids to give back for all the things that her mother has done over the years.

Kelly is thankful for all the family being there to celebrate her birthday.

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