Monday, February 15, 2016

Six months of marriage!

Can you believe that Brandon and Michaella have been married for the past six months? 
Brandon and Michaella with Jeb and Judson
 They just celebrated their first Valentine's day as husband and wife! 
Brandon and Michaella enjoying their first moments as husband and wife
In the past month, Michaella had celebrated her first birthday as Brandon's wife. The wedding just aired on February 4, 2016.
Addallee, Ellie, Callie, and Bradley with Brandon and Michaella

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  1. Congrats Brandon & Michaella! Marriage is such a wonderful, beautiful commitment! I have been married for 16 years and still find new things I love about my husband, even though we have been through such a wide range of both good things, like having our three wonderful sons (Christian 16, Camden 14, Collin 11), to loosing 2 babies and each of us loosing a parent, we stuck together and with God on our side we made it through. 7 months ago my husband was diagnosed with terminal grade 4 brain cancer, we thought we had been through the worst there was, but we knew this was going to be worse. We grieved as if he was already gone. I prayed and prayed, harder than I ever have and with God on our side we pulled out of the depths of sorrow and realized we need to celebrate each and every day God gives my husband here with us. A day doesn't go by that we don't thank God and remind each other that we are blessed by the grace of God to have each and every day! Sorry to have rambled on......again, CONGRATS!!!!
    Amber S.


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