Thursday, February 18, 2016

Recap: Training Wheels and Trick Saddles

Since Judson is turning five, Gil and Kelly decide to surprise their son with a new bike. Judson has been on training wheels so his older brother, Warden, convinces him to try without it. Judson is not sure about it at first.
The Paine family and Tori is headed to Nashville to record Erin's Christmas CD with their friend Any Leftwich. Chad and Erin have been saving money for a CD before Carson was born however they ended up changing the plan due to Carson's early arrival.
Erin loves music and loves to encourages others. During the recording, Kelly brings Lawson and Callie to cheer Erin on. Both Chad and Kelly praise Erin on the talent that the Lord had given her.
On the second season finale, the family met with Dixie Stampede and they promised to stop by the house to teach the boys some skills. The day is finally here and bring Ashley and Shadow to teach them at the ranch that the family owns.
After the boys learn the tricks they hit the town with horse. Shadow is surprise that the boys run that town and are full force.

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