Friday, February 5, 2016

Recap: Wedding Bliss and First kiss

The wedding is right around the corner, Michaella is getting her things ready for her move to Chicago. None of the girls would want her to go.
The family are preparing for their guests. They get help from family and friends to decorate the church for the wedding.
The girls head to the Nail Salon to get their nails done for the wedding while the boys head to their tuxedo shop to pick up their outfits.
Brandon doesn't trust that his brother-in-laws won't touch the car even through the boys promise that they are going to be destructive.
Brandon and Michaella decided early on that they were going to save their first kiss after they are married. Michaella is excited for her first kiss.
The girls are running on Bates time and Kelly is not happy. Kelly jokes like the Duggar family, they are on late Bates time.
Michaella is getting stressed out but thanks to her wedding planner puts her at ease. Kim knows that it's a little harder to get their Bates family wedding. Carlin starts crying and Michaella feels for her sister.
John and Alyssa come up from Florida with baby Allie. The family can barely recognize Alyssa since she changed her hair to dark brown.
The morning of the wedding, Michaella is counting down the minutes until she can get married. As the wedding gets closer both boys and girls are running behind. Michaella gets everything done with her dress as Callie starts crying. Michaella and Callie spend a few minutes together.
Michaella has told everyone that she doesn't flower pets to fall on them during the first kiss but Brandon wants them and puts the little boys up to it.
The family gets ready for the pictures and Gil gets a little tear up when he sees his daughter in her wedding dress. Brandon and Michaella did not want to see each other until the altar so they have to have a door between them and hold hand to pray.
The wedding starts on time, Gil and Michaella have a prayer.
Lawson sings his new song "I will always" during the grandparents and Brandon's parents enter the chapel.
Kelly is honor to be apart her daughter's wedding. She says that they all bests friends.
Michaella starts down the aisle with her dad. Her dad is asked who gives this woman to marry this man and he responds her mother, i, and her 18 siblings.
A professor of Brandon and Gil officiates the ceremony. They reciting vows, wedding rings and lighting their candle. Brandon and Michaella pray with their parents and then are pronounce husband and wife. Gil gives his daughter a kiss on the cheek before Brandon can kiss his new wife.
The couple finally share their first kiss and give a hug. Michaella is super excited that she was his one and only.
Brandon and Michaella managed to get away from someone decorating their car.
NO TRIVIA Questions this week either

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  1. Is here somewhere we can hear the 2 songs Brandon wrote or at least read the words? I know one was sung by his sister--don't know about the other. thanks


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