Thursday, February 11, 2016

Recap: Fly Fishin' Zip Linin' Honeymoon

Shorty after the wedding, Brandon and Michaella head for their honeymoon. They are traveling to Flathead county, Montana.
They decide to do fly fishing at the lake. Michaella ended up catching more fish than her husband. Brandon did not like the fact that they were separated in the boat since he had to be up front and she had to be in the back. He wanted to do something together.
The next activity, they head to go Zip lining. Michaella wears a dress and has leggings right as they do the zip lining. They enjoy the breathtaking view.
Brandon and Michaella head to Alpine Slide and head down the track in a sled.
Gil and the little girls head to Rickard Ridge BBQ. Gil knows that after the wedding he wants to spend time with the kids for fun.
Kelly revealed that the little girls miss their sister very much. She hopes that with the girls  spending time with their dad that it will make everything okay.
Gil orders sweet tea but the little girls take it since he is supposed to be on a diet. The girls said that he can have one glass on it. The girls headed to the bathroom and Gil gets another glass.
Zach is about to start a 11 week training course at the police academy. He really did not like being away from Whitney and Bradley during the first few weeks and now is able to be home. Zach revealed that he called home crying and Whitney said that it was every night. He really missed his family.
Whitney revealed that she got support from her family. Josie came over to help make dinner for Zach. Josie used to be a chaperoned for Zach and Whitney while they were in their courtship.

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