Thursday, August 4, 2016

Recap: Who's in charge?

Gil and Kelly left for a little trip to the Niagara Falls for three days leaving the older kids in charge. The little kids are working on school while Josie, Nathan and Lawson are cleaning up.

Both Gil and Kelly love to take trips together. They went to Hawaii in December and later went to the Grand Canyon in 2015. Gil decided to surprised Kelly with a special trip to Niagara Falls for Valentine's day.

The family is hit unexpectedly with a bug but they managed to pull thou.

Chad and Erin head for her 20 weeks pregnant check up with Dr. Vick and are happy to learn that their daughter is doing well. Since Carson's birth was very fast, Erin wants to have an epidural so she can eat cheesecake.

The kids sits down to do a video chat with their parents. The boys head to Zach and Whit's house to spend some time together. They end up having a movie night with Zach and Whitney. Since Gil and Kelly don't have a tv in their home but Zach and Whit do.

The parents finally return home in time to take Ellie riding for her birthday. The family has eight horses which some they rescued.

Gil's horse is not having an easy time obeying and the kids start laughing at Gil while he tries to get the horse in line.

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