Thursday, August 25, 2016

Recap: The Growing Paine

Josie and Katie are getting ready for their driving test so Lawson, Carlin and Kelly take them for practice. The girls got their permits and excited about driving. Gil is a little worried about the girls driving but Josie says that she got it in the bag.

Katie has a little more confident while driving but a few screams are let out because she drove in the wrong lane. Josie takes it a little more slow. Both girls agree that it's more harder than what it looks
Chad and Erin are getting ready for Carson to turn one. Michaella is helping since she came in from Chicago along with Chad's mom and brother and sister. The couple says that they are enjoying being parents. Chad feels that the first year has gone by fast.

Gil says that the 1st birthdays are great but they are getting a little expensive. He and Kelly joke about stop giving the older married kids gifts for their birthdays to give it to the grandbabies.

The guest arrives and watch the younger kids play with the Bump N Bounce Body Bumpers.
The family enjoys racing with three legs or four legs. The family gathers to watch Carson eat his cupcake but due to fact that they haven't introduce him to sweets. Bradley eats the cupcake.

“It was a fun birthday party,” shares Gil. “I don’t know that Carson’s going to remember it, but it will be one that we never forget.”

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