Thursday, August 18, 2016

Recap: 20th Bates

Did you heard the good news? We will have more episodes in Season four and news broke this morning that there will be a season five! Premiere date is TBA 2017

The Bates sat down and watch a bunch of videos for the 20th Bates Contest. They chose Emma Wright from Texas. Emma and her mom came to Knoxville for the day.

The Bates begin the day with bible study where Gil talks about the right answer to respond to being asked to do something. The next thing that the family has Emma do with them is dishes and laundry which are not the family's favorites. Kelly and few of the girls help Emma since their rule is normally that they don't have first time guest to do chores with the family.

Kelly asked Emma what she wants to do now. Since Emma has seen Erin's tutorial on hair and makeup, she asked if the girls can do that. Carlin does the hair while Erin does the make up. Normally the girls do not wear make up until 15 or 16, so Kelly reminds Emma that she is beautiful without the make up.

As they are about done, Nathan comes up and tell Emma that they have surprised downstairs and want to ride horses. Kelly doesn't want them to poop in their kitchen. Emma has a blast with the horses.

Up Next, the family loads up and head to Zach and Whitney. They have a volleyball match and have a blast. It's time to go and Kelly and Gil invite Emma to come back with her family.

Emma describes the family as genuine. She says that they are who they are on tv as real life. Carlin thinks that TV makes them better than what they are.

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