Friday, July 31, 2015

Recap: The Wedding to do list

Michaella calls Brandon to give him the good news that Wallace Memorial Baptist church has allowed them to use the church for the big day but there are conditions to it. They can only set up on the day of the wedding and the reception has to be done by the early evening.
The family has a fabulous oral surgeon that works on their budget. Zach, Michaella, Erin and Tori have gotten their wisdom teeth pulled and now it's time for Lawson to get his pull however the family says that he has a low pain tolerance and is very melodramatic when it come to the dentist.
On the morning of the surgery, Gil decides that he was going to bring a camera so he can record Lawson for his wife. She doesn't like it to see her children hurt at all and faints when it happens.
When the wisdom are pulled, Lawson starts to up his severity on the way home but he manages to take a selfie on the way home.
With the wedding a few weeks away, Brandon comes to town so they can meet with their wedding planner, shop for rings and chose brown tuxedos. Tori and Carlin come with them so they be chaperones.
Michaella's wedding will be smaller than the three other weddings. Lawson and Nathan say that anything under 1,000 people is small. Brandon says that anything that has less than 50 people is small.   
Brandon and Michaella are trying to make sure that they keep the cost of their wedding down. Gil is happy for that. Nathan thinks that his dad is either thinking about losing one of his kids or if he is seeing everything that he buying.

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