Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Hi y’all!

Considering my sister Michael is head over her heels in wedding plans, I thought I’d blog on behalf of the family tonight. Hope that’s okay! I have to say, while seeing yourself on TV never gets comfortable, it’s amazing to see how much God has brought us through and it gives me hope and comfort that whatever I may be going through, it’s temporary and this too shall pass.

In tonight’s episode, I was 34 weeks pregnant and early one morning, started having contractions. It’s fairly common for pregnant women to experience contractions weeks before labor but with a high-risk pregnancy, you just can’t take any chances so I woke Chad up, he called Dr. Vick and we headed to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, I was given medicine and then more medicine to try and stop the contractions and they gave baby Carson a steroid shot to help his lung development. It was a long day but our baby was safe and that was all that mattered to me.

Right after our trip to the hospital, Dr. Vick decided weekly visits were in order so Monday’s became days we anticipated and quite honestly, days we feared. My heart and mind just couldn’t help but wonder if today would be a day when something wouldn’t be okay. Thankfully, I’m married to the man God meant for me and his love and support carried me through. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your baby on the ultrasound and each time we got to see our baby boy moving inside me, our fears froze. Perfect love casts out all fear.

Thank you all for your prayers, your support and your love and keep watching, things are just about to get really good!

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