Wednesday, June 30, 2021

June Recap

It is time for the end of the month recap, The Bates family have welcome Jadon Bates, Hazel Balka and Charlotte Smith into the world.

The family also celebrated Kaci's 5th birthday and Father's Day.

Bringing Up Bates had their season finale on June 24th. We are currently awaiting word for season 11 so stay tune.

We shared our updated June birthday cover and revealed our July birthday cover.

Nathan and Esther announced that they are planning a fall wedding.

Jadon and Hazel were released from the NICU after a few days. 


  1. I would be heartbroken if there were no season 11!!!

    1. Seriously?

      The season just ended and all you are doing is spread fake information off of things that you want to read off untrue articles.

      The network usually announces a new season by fall or winter. Just be patient.


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