Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Jadon Carl is here!

We have a very exciting news to share with you all. 
Zach and Whitney have welcomed their fourth child into the world. 
Jadon was born on June 7, 2021 which is the same day when Whitney's parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. 
Jadon is currently still in the hospital after his o2 drop but he is doing much better and will be able to come home soon.
We know that everyone is waiting for photos of the newborn but they will be coming soon.

Jadon joins big brother Bradley and big sisters Khloé and Kaci


  1. isn't his name appose to be spelled Jayden Carl Bates

    1. Zach and Whitney must have changed it last minute. Let's not make a big deal out of nothing

  2. Praise The Lord!!! What a wonderful blessing for y’all. Prayers that he continues to improve and will be home soon!!!!


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