Thursday, August 10, 2017

Recap: One Cap, two growns

Tori seeks Carlin for help about what to wear for Bobby's graduation. Carlin notices a few outfits that are hers but doesn't mind letting her sister borrow them. Lawson says that they have a real problem with stealing but Nathan says that it's not stealing since they fit. Nathan adds that if you want them to be yours than you need to keep them somewhere else but if you keep them in the house than it's free game.
Kelly reveals that Nathan and Tori think that it's in the family's closet then it's fair game.
Down in the Webster house, John and Alyssa give a glimpse of what they do day to day. John is working for his family's air conditioning business. John and Alyssa recently opened their cleaning business on the side.
John comes home to eat dinner and watch the girls so Alyssa can clean up one of their locations. She leaves right around 6:30pm and doesn't return until a little after 9:00pm. John has to leave to fix an unit right after they eat. Alyssa says goodbye to her husband and comes back in to find Allie Jane out of bed. Judson says that Alyssa learned how to be very cleaning from their home.
Tori and Josie head to Florida to attend Bobby's grad party. They start with some disk golf with Bobby, Kelton and their dads. Kelly reveals that they knew Kelton before Bobby and he actually lives in Tennessee.
Josie reveals that she was excited to go with Tori because Kelton was graduation. She says that he is a guy that she is talking to and getting to know. She says he is pretty great.
Gil wonders what is with all these special friends. Kelly says that she likes the boys. Gil has a combined look of stress and joy on his face.
Gil and Kelly bring some of the kids down there to support Bobby and Kelton. Jackson says that Bobby's house is different than his house since it's clean. Bobby's family lives in Tampa and it's gated community.
Nathan says that if you got nice things, there is a chance that they can break them.
Bobby has a youth ministry degree and will be moving to Tennessee by the end of the summer. Kelton has a degree in finance and will return to Tennessee to work at his uncle's plumbing business.
During the party, Tori gives Bobby his gift and he loves it. Tori has given him a bible which is prefect for what he wants to do.

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