Thursday, August 3, 2017

Recap: Lawson and Sadie's big breakup

Lawson and Nathan talk about Lawson's music video plans. Lawson feels that the next step is to get a single out there on the radio. He also wants to shoot a high quality music video to promote it. Lawson reveals that his friend connected him with Sadie Robertson after he was looking for a girl to play the girlfriend in "Past the past".

The big day arrives, Lawson and a few of the Bates head to Manchester to shoot the video. Sadie arrives there as well.

Lawson reveals that the story of the video has him playing a quarterback in a high school football team. Lawson has never done that so it should be something interesting. Lawson has a lot of respect for athletes since it's not as easy.

They head to do the next scene which is filmed on a front porch which is a breakup scene. They end up filming it in the rain.

Kelly says that Sadie is amazing since she was so convincing. Kelly reveals that she is like poor thing. Kelly would later add that they made it seem very real and as a mom, she is oozing in pride.
Later that night, Lawson is getting ready to film the football game where Lawson's character gets injure. Lawson wants to take the hit however the director does not want to risk him getting hurt. One of the players on the team offers to be his stunt double. They run the scene a few times and the stunt double doesn't mind it. He is actually enjoying it. Nathan thinks that a picture with Sadie must have soften the blow.

Jackson, Warden and Isaiah want to take her out on a lunch date for Mother's Day. Kelly accepts the offer as long as the boys allow her to give them a refresher course in manners beforehand. 
Nathan argues that his brothers need a whole class from start to finish. Jeb reveals that good manners are standing up straight and eating your food while Judson adds in using your fork and knife instead of your hands.

The boys put on their Sunday best and takes Kelly to one of her favorite places, McCloud Mountain Restaurant. The boys do well and Kelly thinks her boys will get a girl before Lawson and Nathan do. Kelly adds that she doesn't want them to start looking yet.

Be sure to check out "Past the Past" music video which was released today by clicking here.


  1. Great show. As always, such a refreshing uplifted life. God is good.

  2. Thanks for the recap and it was exciting to see the video - 'behind the scenes' etc. Just personally, I think I'd like to see a "What Country Means to Me" video too - it's a great song . . . and probably no one would have to 'take a hit' to get that one taped ;-).


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