Thursday, April 15, 2021

Recap: Smitten in the Smokies

 Travis comes to Tennessee for Katie's birthday. Travis rveals that Katie loves to remind him that she is older than him by five months. He adds that she loves to say that I love older women. When he arrives to the house, he surprises her with a new dress and plans for a dinner date. When it comes to having chaperones, Katie and Travis choses Addallee and Ellie since they have a limited section.

Whitney and Carlin head to pick up their key for their storefront in Rocky Top. Whitney and Carlin make plans for their store with Zach and Chad. The girls are concerend that they will grow out of this space quickly like they grew out of the warehouse in Zach and Whitney's backyard.

Gil and Kelly take Lawson, Katie, Travis and the younger kids to Gatlinburg. They head up to take ziplines however Judson, Jeb and Callie do not meet the weight requirement and are unable to take the ziplines. Kelly, Katie and Travis take the three to do gem-mining. Katie asks if there is a ring in there since she thinks that Travis wants one.

Callie reveals that they all thought that there was going to be a ring for Katie in one of them. Jeb and Callie both agree that would have been a perfect proposal plan. Travis reveals that he still has a year and half left of school but Katie thinks that he might propose sooner than that.

Gil reveals that he is trying to think the word engagement is something that he is going to pretend is down the road so they are going to wait and see. He just prays that it's a long time down the road. He adds that no one has talked to him yet.

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