Saturday, March 13, 2021

New photo of the Webster sisters

Happy Saturday everyone! Maci Jo recently had her newborn photos done and they have recently started to come out but since we have other blog posts schedule, we aim to post them on the next day since we know that you love seeing updated photos.
We do want to address something on our Bates girl line up, we wrote the post shorty before Alyssa welcomed baby Maci and had to wait for the baby to be born to update it. Right before it came out on our website, Kelton and Josie announced that they are having their second daughter, Hazel. Now we did update it to have Hazel on it.

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  1. Beautiful picture of those little sisters. They really are beautiful children. Nothing like the love of a sister. Poor John he really is outnumbered. He seems to handle it well.


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